Monday, 20 June 2011

On Trend - Birds

Some people have a complex about having birds in the house, It's supposed to be bad luck. Due to this superstition some people won't keep a bird in the house. There are also people whose superstition runs so strong that they can't even have pictures of our feathered friends anywhere in the home even if it was on wallpaper...

But I think birds add a certain charm and character to a room, they have a quirky presence and can really set a mood. Bird prints can be so versatile that they can be used almost anywhere in the home.

I have come across some fantastic prints and thought that I should share them with you, especially as Birds seem to be on trend right now....

'Owls of the British Isles'

'Briar Owl, Silver'

These wonderful prints are by Abigail Edwards, they are from her very first collection of hand drawn wallpapers, costing at £68 per roll, they are a beautiful addition to make you room a bit more quirky. You can check out her wesite here.

If you like these wallpapers but think that there isn't much colour going on, then add in some small textile prints such as this one,
'Bird Garden' By Mark Hearld, £44 p/m, you can purchase this here.
'Song Birds' in Buttercup, Clay and Charcoal, by Vanessa Arbuthnott. Purchase this here.

Another wallpaper which I just love is from Romo, It's called Mirabel and can be found here.

I am in love with pretty much all of Villa Nova's collections right now, they are so fresh and sophistocated they suit any interior.

Check them all out here, I promise you it's worth it!

Now you're probably wondering why exactly I've put these images on here when I'm writing about birds, but the best way to accessorize with a bird wallpaper or print is to compliment them with florals and leaf patterns, Keep them quite simple though as it can look too overwhelming otherwise. Failing that if you're not so keen on florals keep it plain. Plain colours can speak volumes and can take the focus to the bird prints. Also don't be afraid to add texture!!

If your not brave enough to re-decorate a whole wall with birds you can always add some smaller prints to be hung up on the wall, don't forget my new birdcage print, it can add that little bit of quirkiness to any room.

If you have any pictures of your home decorated in with these styles then please feel free to email me them and I shall feature you in my blog! I'd love to see them.

Stay tuned...

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