Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Primark

Yes, that's right there's more Primark products on sale now, My designs are nationwide again. I get so excited when I see my designs on various items. I saw a sample of the pencil cases and stationary packs the other day. Also I saw some notebooks (A7 and A5) which I cannot wait for them to come out as I want them!! They're lovely even if I do say so myself, very girly.
Anyway here is a few more images of whats new...

My cupcake stand

and another new bag. Originally this design had a pearl beaded handle but it wasn't possible to manufacture thousands of them and keep costs down, so it had to go.

well, I will keep adding more soon.

Designed for Swan Mill Paper Co. exclusively to Primark. Please do not copy. All designs are Copyrighted.

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