Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Time is upon us

Yay! I love this Season! It's been such a crazily busy month its unreal! I have been up to my old tricks by making things again, and this year I wanted to make something for my mother. I was inspired by Torie Jayne and her blog an awful lot this month as she has created some magical decorations. The one thing that caught my eye was her home made lip balm. I thought it was ideal gift for a stocking filler. 
I bought the ingredients and proceeded to make. I decided that strawberry lip balm would be most suitable for my mum as she loves strawberrys.

I started off by melting some White Bees Wax pellets and Sunflower oil together in a glass bowl, using the microwave. Once this had melted, I gave it a good stir and added in some shavings of a chosen lip stick colour to make the mixture go pink. This melted instantly and I gave it another stir. I then added a little strawberry flavouring into the mixture so it tasted a little. I also added in some sparkly pink edible glitter to my mix. Then gave it a stir, using a piplette I separated the mixture into 6 little plastic lip balm jars. Then left them to set for about 2 hours before putting the lids on. To decorate the pots I used washi tape to seal them and made my own sticker label for the top of the jar.

So thank you Torie Jayne!! If you would like to make these Lip Balms too, check out Torie Jayne's blog post here.

I also gave one each to my workmates and they loved them! Hope you enjoy making

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