Monday, 8 October 2012

Travel - Phuket, Thailand

I loved Phuket! I really wish I didn't have to leave. This holiday was one of my favourites as Bangkok was busy and very much a city, where as Phuket was the opposite, chilled out and relaxing with its white sandy beaches, activities and spa's. We were lucky enough to be staying in a 5 star resort, The JW Marriott Resort and Spa. This hotel was stunning, by far the best I have ever seen. We were situated just off Mai Khao Beach, with the hotel pools looking over to the sea, It was total bliss, especially with a cocktail in hand.

Here's a few snaps from Phuket...

Phuket Fantasea is a Night time Cultural Theme Park. I thought it was quite interesting to see, basically we went to see a show, a bit like a theatre show, but it included animals such as elephants, goats and chickens. The show also features some acrobats, pyrotechnics and elephant performances and stunts. The show told a story about a young boy, the Prince of Kamala, and his magic elephant, Lyara, taking us through a journey of Thai history along the way. The Palace was reconstructed in memory of the 999 elephants that protected the kingdom.
The Outside of the Palace
 We went on two trips to some of the islands around Phuket, including Phi Phi Island (which is where 'The Beach' was filmed) and over to James Bond Island. This is where they filmed The James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun. It was really weird to see it in the flesh, but really cool. We went into the warm clear water around the island in the little bay where the Nail point is. It was quite Surreal. I would recommend doing some of the speed boat tours as you get to go to some little islands and have a look at some places that are not recognised so much, also you can see the magnificent formations of the islands. I really enjoyed the trips!
Here are some other photos from some of the other islands we visited...
These Photos were taken in the 'Ice Cream Caves'
This photo is of the Floating Village
I think If/When I do eventually go back to Thailand, I think I want to visit Chiang Mai, and Koh Samui and maybe go a different time of year, although the temperature did suit me. It was Averaging about 30 degrees Celsius when we were there, which was the end of September, but this is the rainy season and it rained everyday (quite refreshing really).


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  2. So glad you enjoyed your stay in the Land of Smiles! Bangkok is indeed a very busy city; we do have beautiful spas and lots of things to do, but you can’t beat the calmness of an island and the beaches! The Marriott has always been one of my personal favorites in Phuket and you took some really great pictures around the property. You’ve captured the beauty and serenity of the places you visited in all of your photos – I hope to see more on your next trip to Thailand.

  3. Thank you Richard! :D I really did enjoy my trip. I would love to go back, like I say in my blog post, I have a few different places I would love to visit in Thailand. I don't think any holiday can compare to this one. Its very close to my heart!
    That hotel too was truly amazing! I would Highly recommend to anyone who wants a bit of luxury!
    Im hoping that my next big travel will be to Australia next year (well that's the plan for the time being) ooo exciting times ahead! :D