Wednesday, 2 January 2013


When I was in London, in November, for a weekend with my mum, we had a stroll around Notting Hill, and to my surprise we stumbled across the Biscuiteers shop. Now I didn't know they had a shop, so I was so excited when I went in to have a look. (I think the lady serving thought I was a little weird!) But I just wanted to find out more. They have now been open for about 3 months and here are some of the biscuits I bought whilst I was there...
These photos were taken into Instagram and a filter was used, I can't remember which one though, sorry!
My mum bought me this biscuit (below) for my birthday.
I've always known the Biscuiteers to be a brand rather than a cafe/shop. Here are some images of the type of things they do on cards...
A selection of Biscuit cards
'Girls will be girls' and 'The whole Caboodle' Greeting Card Sets
Images courtesy of Biscuiteers website
To take a look at some of the other biscuits on offer click here.

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