Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

It's that time of the Year again, Some people love it and Some hate it...It's Valentines Day!

I have seen a lot of nice cards around for Valentines day this year, so here is a little round up of the ones that caught my eye...

Starting with Etsy first...

Hand Drawn Screen Printed Card by 55His From Etsy
These Hand drawn and Painted cards made me chuckle, they're by 'Your Mum Rang' from Etsy
I really like this card, It's quite Rob Ryan-Esq. This design is by Folk Art Papercuts from Etsy

The High street stores also had a few nice cards...

The Above 4 Cards are a selection from Tesco

I love this 'Nelly the Elephant' Bag from Paperchase, It's Adorable.

 I also liked this Heart shaped box also from Paperchase

Although I did see quite a lot of nice ones in the shops, I decided to make mine (of course). My boyfriend and I said we weren't going to do cards this year but I thought I should do one just in case ;) Here it is, Quite simple really.

My Card design with the gift wrap I designed for work. Card copyrighted to Leanne Carpentier and wrap copyrighted to Swan Mill Paper Co and Primark, Please Do Not Copy!


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