Saturday, 7 September 2013

MINI - Not Normal

Ok so most of my close friends know that I am completely obsessed with MINI. I love MINI's. They are just the best!!! I think my obsession started when I was in high school (about 14years old) and I used to plaster my bedroom wall with brochures and images of my dream mini. Back then it was a Yellow Mini Cooper Sport with fog lamps and a checkered roof - I always thought it would be so cool to have a game of backgammon on the roof if ever you got stuck in a traffic jam - anyways, I grew up a little and then fancied a Burnt Orange Mini Cooper Sport. Little did I realise that One day I will get my Mini. That day was a Year ago today. And I have a gorgeous little blue Mini Cooper Convertible. I am in love!! Well and truly! So enough about my fascination, I wanted to feature some of the new mini campaign images on here as this campaign really is cool!

My little beauty!

Here are a few of my favourite images, enjoy!

Haha! Looks a bit like the one I wanted when I was 14! 
I should definitely try this sometime! 
Love this! Genius.
I will one day own a house like this! and I've always said if I win the lottery I am going to have my own little MINI museum!  

Please note that I do not own these images and all images belong to MINI.

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