Monday, 7 October 2013

Autumn Wallpaper Finds

When I was over my mums on the weekend I picked up her Ideal Home magazine and found some really interesting wallpaper designs. I thought I would share this with you...
Lets start with Next
Bricks wallpaper £15pr.   Wooden Plank £15pr.

Limestone Tiles £15pr.     Grey Slate £15pr.
Black & Silver Trees £18pr.   Ava Gold £25pr.

French Script £15pr.      Postcards £18pr.

Victorian Bottles £18pr.  Ornate Frames £15pr.

Chocolate London £18pr.
Colours, Travel £14.98pr
Holden Calligraphy £12.98pr
 Muriva, Brick £19.98pr
Statement, Bookcase £19.98pr
Muriva, Big Apple £12.98pr
Muriva, Britannia £12.98pr

Muriva, Camper Van £12.98pr
The natural looking wallpapers (from Next) are my favourite right now. I'm loving this style especially for the Autumn leading up to a rustic Christmas. What do you think?
If you would like to purchase any items from Next then click here, and for B&Q items click here.

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