Monday, 12 September 2011

Featured Designer - Claire Coles

As I was researching for some new wallpaper ideas, I came across a designer called Claire Coles. At first I was a bit intrigued about the 'Custom Made' designs, but on closer inspection I found myself in awe. Claire creates Couture Embroidered Wallpapers which transform your wall or room into a vivacious piece of art! Each design is unique in its own right as the textures and scales vary. Claire creates a range of patterns by sourcing pieces of vintage wallpapers and intricately layering them with silks and leather to give that luxurious textured feel. I think her style is wonderfully unique and the wallpapers themselves represent the intricately skilled designer she is. If you are interested in commissioning Claire Coles or contacting her, then please click here.

Both Images are From the 'Midnight Garden' Collection
Both Images are from the 'Tropical Garden' Collection
This image is from the Digital Collection

Please note that all images are Copyrighted to Claire Coles and were taken from Claire Coles website which can be found here

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