Sunday, 10 June 2012

Travel - Cardiff

Continuing with my 'Must See' in Cardiff, My next Attraction is pretty Obvious...

Must see No.2: Cardiff Castle

The Castle holds over 2000 years of history and is one of few Castles to be located in the Heart of a City, Cardiff Castle was designed and built by Architect William Burges, who lavishly designed the amazing interiors. 
This Image is the Ceiling of the Arab Room located in Cardiff castle. Image courtesy of

The Castle was given to Cardiff by the 4th Marquess of Bute, and with it came the Gardens that surround the castle, otherwise known as Bute Gardens (Which are lovely in the summer). In the last 25 years or so the Castle grounds have become a home for the College of Music and Drama. Every summer time the Castle hosts an Outdoor play and this year the play will be Macbeth. You can catch this on the 6th-7th July. For more information about this please see the link below.
An Aeriel view of Cardiff Castle and it's grounds. Image courtesy of

If you do visit Cardiff Castle be sure to look out for the Peacocks! No doubt you'll see one or two.
If you would like to see what events are on in the Castle please visit this link

Must See No.3: St Fagans

St Fagans is an open air Natural History Museum. It stands in the grounds of St Fagans Castle which was a late 16th century manor house owned by the Earl of Plymouth and donated to the people of Wales. I love St Fagans and often go here for an afternoon out.
St Fagans Castle, Image courtesy of

Traditional Crafts and activities are often taking places here, it is a lively fun environment. St Fagans also has different breeds of animals running around the fields, and Farmers demonstrations, which is great for the children. I highly recommend visiting St Fagans whatever age you are, it caters for everyone. To find out more information please visit this link

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