Sunday, 26 May 2013

Featured Designer: Sara Berrenson

When I was doing my research for my 'Modern Floral' Theme Board found here, I came across an artist that I found really inspiring. Sara Berrenson, is a Graphic designer by day, and a textile designer by night. She specialises in surface pattern for Textiles, Paper Products, home decor and Gifts.
I love the technique Sara uses on her textile designs, I got in touch with Sara to ask how the process of making these textiles was done...

"I work primarily in watercolor and gouache, then add both hand and digital illustration. I enjoy the loose quality of watercolor and gouache and the blending and overlaying of colors." - Sara Berrenson

I really like the layering effect although sometimes I think using many materials can be a bit over powering and doesn't turn out as good as you had imagined it to (from past experience), but Sara has hit it spot on, and the results speak for themselves.
Sara, Hard at work on a new design
These Designs initially caught my eye. I just love them! The colours are beautiful and the style is so intricate yet bold. 

 "My inspiration comes from everywhere, including nature, interior design, and fashion. I love going to the flower mart in LA and the rose bowl flea market to gather inspiration. My favorite subject to paint and draw would have to be flowers. I can't resist a great floral! I like to work with bright colors to capture nature in a vibrant and vivid way." - Sara Berrenson

In many respects I think I like her work so much because of the fact that I love flowers being my main inspiration too. A lot of my personal work is floral. There is so much to be inspired by and its such a natural occurrence that you don't have to go too far to get that inspiration.

Sara doesn't just design florals although it is a beautiful part of her portfolio, her work consists of other themes too which also have her unique styling.
Please Note that all images in this post are copyrighted to Sara Berrenson. Please Do not copy, If you wish to use an image then please contact Sara through her website. If you would like to view more of Sara's work then please visit her website or blog.

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