Friday, 17 May 2013

Initial Research

Initial research is essential to a good start when designing anything! This is why I am doing some mood boards which I will post up once completed. I have been asked to design some bespoke fabric for use on Roller Blinds. I decided that it would be more beneficial for myself, if the client sent me some initial images of the type of thing they are after, so I made a mood board of the images that were sent through to me. 

I was quite surprised when I saw them trickling in as they are very different in almost every way possible! I have a hard task ahead of me, but it hasn't put me off at all. A challenge is always good!

So I thought about how to deal with this in a more direct approach. I have decided to narrow down the thought process of the initial interests and I have made some mood boards inspired by the above images which I will post soon. Stay tuned to see the outcomes.

Please note that the images in this post are not my own, they are for research purpose only. Please do not use any imagery.

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