Monday, 23 January 2012

London Art Fair 2012: Part 2

The next few posts are going to be about some more of the artists that I saw at the London Art Fair. There were so many names that I brought back with me, I couldn't fit them all into one post, so I thought I'd take my time and post the bits that I think you should see...

Charles Fazzino

Charles Fazzino is a New York artist and for nearly 30 years he has designed and made 3D works of art. They are so enchanting! I fell in love with them when I saw them, I had to fight back the urge to buy one (slightly out of my price range right now!!). His 3D masterpieces represent the colourful, playful and glittery world that we live in.

'Song and Dance of the Heart' By Charles Fazzino

Initially Fazzino's work aspired from an amused glance on his home City, New York. These works would portray his frantic life, his districts, and everything in it. As his portfolio grew, Fazzino stretched further afield and started working on scenes from across the world, turning to American and European Cities.
La Joie De Vie, by Charles Fazzino. Image courtesy of

There are many things that I love about Fazzino's work, like the quirkiness of imagery, the colour and excitement it brings, but the thing I love most is the technique that is used to make them. After Several sketches, a design/painting will be selected, he then goes on to produce several silk screen prints of this original artwork and hand cuts each piece to be stuck down in layers to form the 3 dimension.

One day I would love to own a piece of his work.

Delphine Leborgeois

Delphine Leborgeois, is a French illustrator who now lives in London. For a number of years she has been designing book covers but her most recent body of work consists of using the books original typography as a starting point, these form the basis of the print. She then adds in her own drawings and digital collages.

'Army' By Delphine Leborgeois

Leborgeois, uses the process of collage, which enables her to play with different elements of the design. This helps her produce a wonderful array of prints using beautiful imagery from her digital drawings. Leborgeois, often spends long periods of time assembling these collages, often being constructed over weeks, even months and this plays a vital part in the process of creating a piece.

In most cases there is no connection between the book title and the work itself, The main story is put to one side and a new story invented. Leborgeois, creates a far better connection by leaving the viewer to create there own story themselves.
'Hummingbirds' by Delphine Leborgeois

I really like Leborgeois' style.

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