Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Past Work - 'Shrine'

So, the visit to The Royal Yacht Britannia reminded me of a project I once did in uni. As I said in my previous post my grandad was a Sailor in the Royal Navy. I am extremely proud of this fact, unfortunately my grandad passed away in 1994, so I never really got to hear many stories as I was 6 when he died. I do know that my Grandad and other Crew was successful at what they did. I won't go into detail as I don't want to drag the Past up and offend anyone. But I respect him for doing his bit to save our country at war. As I was finding out more about my grandad and his life, It really touched me, so I decided that I wanted to dedicate one project in particular to him.

This Project was called 'Shrine'.

The Scharnhorst
The Duke of York, The Ship my Grandad sailed on for quite a while.
These images above are some pieces from my sketchbook. This module was based in digital format so everything was adapted to digital. I mainly used Photoshop for the module and Illustrator was used at a minimum.
This is my Grandad! I Love this photo so much, it makes me laugh every time I see it. All these images are photos that my grandad had/took when he was on the ships, they are so precious to me, as these are my memories of him.

These were my final Pieces...

I love using my Grandads old photo's, they give me a little history lesson. I can imagine what life he had, how he lived it in the Navy, some good times and some bad times. I will always honour his memory
Please Note All designs are Copyrighted to Leanne Carpentier.

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