Sunday, 22 January 2012

London Art Fair 2012

Yesterday I was London bound again, So I popped along to the London Art Fair, based at the Business Design Centre. Every year the London Art Fair showcases some of the Great names in British Art. It also features some contemporary and photography work from emerging artists.

This year the fair gave an array of different styles, techniques and Cultures. This Blog post shows a few of the Textile pieces that I was drawn to at the show.

My particular favourite at this years show was Natasha Kerr. She had some gorgeous pieces of work for sale.
'Blackberry Picking' by Natasha Kerr
Natasha Kerr creates one-off textile portraits that explores her hidden past. Kerrs early works was inspired by Italian Renaissance frescoes. Kerr loved the worn away quality and the soft imagery along with the colours. You can still see the resemblance of these inspirations in her work to this day.

I really Love Natasha Kerrs work. Its typically my style. If you would like to see more of Natasha's work then take a look at her website here.
Francisca Prieto

There were a few pieces of Prietos work around the building. This was one of my favourites...
'Between Folds' By Francisca Prieto

Prieto's work consists of folding maps almost like a form of Origami to make up some unusual but interesting pieces of art.

Elisabeth Lecourt

Elisabeth Lecourts work is very intricate and detailed. Her work is of a sensitive nature, establishing the vulnerability of the human body.

“La maison en papier”, map of the world, By Elizabeth Lecourt
“La chasse au papillon”, map of Cambridge, By Elizabeth Lecourt
“Am Stram Gram”, map of North Europe, By Elizabeth Lecourt

Ruth Waller and Lee Hewett

Ruth Waller and Lee Hewett are a creative Designer/Maker duo. They like to cross the boundaries of Art, Design and Craft. Their main aim is to produce artworks that are playful, textural and that have an environmental interaction.
'Chromesphere' by Ruth Waller and Lee Hewett

Their work is influenced by a wide range of natural and scientific forms. They like to play with depth, scale, repetition and colour to create something very unique.

This was the first time I'd been to the London Art fair, and I was quite impressed with the standard of work. The likes of Damien Hirst and Rob Ryan, two well known names in the Art and Design world also Showcased there, next to some unfamiliar names, which makes the show very interesting to see. I'd fully recommend any art lover to attend!  

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