Friday, 5 August 2011

Ash's Birthday

It was my boyfriends birthday Wednesday, and if I wasn't busy enough I decided to go all out and treat him. I bought him a helium balloon, some banners and even made him a cake. I never cook! I am appalling at it, I love to read cooking/baking blogs, and I envy the bloggers so much for having that skill, as they can actual make something without almost poisoning someone (I Can't). Well anyway I made this....

A Chocolate Fudge Cake,

I was extremely impressed with myself and could not wait to give it to him, and it smelt so good!! The following day he was given the cake and he was really amazed by my efforts and how my cake turned out. But all was not good, we took a bite and low and behold it was slightly overcooked! Typical. I'm really gutted.

(He's going to be annoyed i put this pik up of him! hehe)

Never mind, there's always next year to try again!

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