Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Big Draw

I found something really quite exciting this morning. As I was looking for some exhibitions to visit I came across this, The Big Draw at BayArt.

Basically, This event is being held on Monday 29th August 2011. It encourages you to take your own art materials (and paper) and gives the opportunity to all ages to spend some time drawing. Best of all this event is completely free and you don't need any experience at all.

"This year the drawing starting points will be linked to the Harbour festival – the tall ships, the crowds, the architecture. Differences of scale will enable everyone to take part – from adding marks to a huge wall size drawing, to making small individual tile size drawings which will add up to a huge drawing"

I'm a bit disappointed that I cannot make this event as I think it will be so much fun to meet new people and share experiences. Plus with it being the school holidays this event is a great day out for the family!

For more information on this event please visit this link

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