Thursday, 11 August 2011

'UK' Riots (only it's not the whole of the UK!!)

So my title says it all, the UK riots are still going on, although it has calmed down a bit now. Thank goodness!! I'm so frustrated and sickened by these attacks. And just to clarify these Riots DO NOT cover the whole of the UK. Wales and Scotland are riot free!!

I could not believe what I was hearing on Tuesday, Radio 1's news beat had some people talking about these riots and someone said that they felt the need to loot shops as they were from a poorer background and the shopkeepers were rich people. This just goes to show some peoples ignorance! The only reason why these shopkeepers are so called 'Rich' is because they've worked exceptionally hard to get where they are today. I just feel so sorry for these victims who have been looted, Whose houses were set alight and burnt to the ground, Who's car's were smashed up and set on fire!

Come On Cameron! Get this sorted, too many people have suffered enough already due to these mindless idiots!!

On a slightly happier note, the social networks have come together to stick up for Britain, There are messages of encouragement to clean up this mess that has been caused. If you'd like to help cleanup, visit this website.

I also came across these magnificent prints in response to the Riot Clean Up. Take a look...

Print by EmmelineDraws, follow her on twitter here

And this one has to be my favourite...
I found this print on twitter too, follow @Adzlamb here. I really like the subject of his prints, they're very quirky and quite amusing. Adzlamb also has a website which can be found here, check it out.

Anyway I've had my little rant now, I hope that these stupid acts of violence and Criminality die down soon! Come on people we're better than this!!

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