Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Break

I am now officially on my christmas holiday, and I fly off up to Scotland in a couple of hours to spend Christmas with my Boyfriends family, So I won't be accessing my PC for a good week or so. I just wanted to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas!! and a Fabulous New Year! Have Fun!

Christmas Time is upon us

Yay! I love this Season! It's been such a crazily busy month its unreal! I have been up to my old tricks by making things again, and this year I wanted to make something for my mother. I was inspired by Torie Jayne and her blog an awful lot this month as she has created some magical decorations. The one thing that caught my eye was her home made lip balm. I thought it was ideal gift for a stocking filler. 
I bought the ingredients and proceeded to make. I decided that strawberry lip balm would be most suitable for my mum as she loves strawberrys.

I started off by melting some White Bees Wax pellets and Sunflower oil together in a glass bowl, using the microwave. Once this had melted, I gave it a good stir and added in some shavings of a chosen lip stick colour to make the mixture go pink. This melted instantly and I gave it another stir. I then added a little strawberry flavouring into the mixture so it tasted a little. I also added in some sparkly pink edible glitter to my mix. Then gave it a stir, using a piplette I separated the mixture into 6 little plastic lip balm jars. Then left them to set for about 2 hours before putting the lids on. To decorate the pots I used washi tape to seal them and made my own sticker label for the top of the jar.

So thank you Torie Jayne!! If you would like to make these Lip Balms too, check out Torie Jayne's blog post here.

I also gave one each to my workmates and they loved them! Hope you enjoy making

Christmas Presents

So my christmas wrap is being sold nationwide at Homebase,UK and I wanted to post up a picture of my wrap on some presenst! I Love these wraps. They're great quality too. So get down to Homebase and buy some!!

Please Note All designs are Copyrighted to SwanMill Paper Co. Please do not copy!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Wrapping paper from afar

Hello there,

So this week I found out that some of my wrapping paper designs were online in some of the stores that Swantex (the company I work for) supplies to.

I've taken a screen grab of these particular websites.

Woolworths, Australia

Game, South Africa

If you'de like to take a look at these website then please follow the link below

Please Note All designs are Copyrighted to SwanMill Paper Co. Please do not copy!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My first sale!

Yay! Yesterday afternoon saw my first sale in my shop! I sold one of the 'Yasuna' Framed prints! How exciting! :D

A little reminder that theres still 15% discount if you enter the discount code LeCarpentier11 at the checkout! happy shopping!

Visit my shop here.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Baileys Card Making Shop

I've just stumbled across this wonderful website full of crafty supplies at a really reasonable price too. It's fantastic. I was looking for some spotty buttons and the range of stuff they have on there is brilliant so I thought I should share it but they only post to the UK at the moment.

They also have a blog on their website which is really good. They've posted up some images to download for free for use as backgrounds in your scrapbooks or card making. What a lovely idea! If you'd like to check out their blog then click here.

Check their whole site out here. Happy crafting!

Friday, 25 November 2011

New Prints

Some more new prints have gone into my shop and are now available to buy...

If you would like to purchase any of these then head over to my shop here. Also for a limited time enter the discount code LeCarpentier11 to get 15% off the total amount at the checkout!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

New prints are ready!

I've finally got around to getting my prints printed and framed, I orignially designed these as gifts for christmas but if you would like one then please contact me as I'm putting some up for sale in shop. I'd love to know what you think?

This print is called 'Birdcages' I was inspired to do something with birds as they seems to be very popular in the interiors industry at the moment.
Printed but without frame

I've also got another print called 'Yasuna' which is of a Japanese girl with 3D fans and Glittered areas.

Print but without Frame

If you would be interested in Purchasing any of these with or without the Frame then please take a look at my shop here

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Christmas Designs in Stores NOW!

It's been a while since my last post, and that's because I have been exceptionally busy lately, with work and catching up with friends, something I don't get enough time to do very often!! So I've been making the most of it.

I have been looking around some of the High street stores lately, and I'm very happy to see some of my designs featuring in stores such as Dunelm Mill, Homebase and Primark. Of course these designs are by myself but are produced for the company I work for to supply the high street stores so Please note that ALL work is Copyrighted!

In Homebase at the moment, are some of my favourite designs that I've done so far, I really like the Reindeer wrap. It was a joint effort by myself and another designer at the company, along with a Robin wrap which unfortunately I don't have a picture of.

In Dunelm Mill right now I have two wraps and a few bags and Boxes. I don't particularly like these designs much but it's what the customer wanted so they had to be done!

I don't actually have an image of the boxes but I must say that the quality of them are really good, better than I expected if completely honest. There are 10 boxes in total which vary in sizes to fit into each other (a bit like a Russian Doll) but they're sold separately so you can find a box that fits any present! Marvellous!

I will keep you posted if I see anymore out and about!
P.s Marks and Spencer have some lovely Christmas wraps, cards and Crackers out at the moment, I'd recommend a look here.
Please Note All designs are Copyrighted to SwanMill Paper Co. Please do not copy!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Primark

Yes, that's right there's more Primark products on sale now, My designs are nationwide again. I get so excited when I see my designs on various items. I saw a sample of the pencil cases and stationary packs the other day. Also I saw some notebooks (A7 and A5) which I cannot wait for them to come out as I want them!! They're lovely even if I do say so myself, very girly.
Anyway here is a few more images of whats new...

My cupcake stand

and another new bag. Originally this design had a pearl beaded handle but it wasn't possible to manufacture thousands of them and keep costs down, so it had to go.

well, I will keep adding more soon.

Designed for Swan Mill Paper Co. exclusively to Primark. Please do not copy. All designs are Copyrighted.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Quick Post

A Quick Post...
I just wanted to share this image of the birthday card I bought for my mum. It's from Marks and Spencer's. I really like the Variety of cards in M&S and it was quite hard to choose one in particular but this really is my sort of style, and I knew my mum would like it!

It's Just lovely isn't it.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Curtains

In my spare time I like to make things for myself or my family and this week my mum was pestering me for some new Voile Curtains for our front room. So we went out to buy some fabric which we found at Calico, City Road, Cardiff. And I started to make the voile's.
This was the print on the fabric
And the final outcome looked like this...
The fabric cost about £12 for 3 1/2 meters and I used some White thread which I already had laying around, so in total we spent £12 to make 2 Voile Curtains, Not bad really (Of course I didn't charge my mum for Labour).

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Primark - Bags

So, I've been up for about 10 hours now (since 4.15am), and I would like to congratulate Wales on winning their first match of the Rugby World Cup 2011. What a gripping game. I think I stopped breathing in some parts.

On another note, I have news. Some more of the products that I designed for the Company I work for are now available in Primark Stores Nationwide. This time it's a few bags. There are still more to come in this 'Vintage Boutique' range but I thought I would keep you updated as of when they come out. They are gradually changing over stock so more will be coming in the next couple of weeks. Here's a sneak peek...
Store Snap of the Twin pack bags

It's my mum's birthday today so I wrapped up her prezzies in my wrapping papers and bag.

 These bags were a joint effort of myself and another designer. I took all the photography myself and made some of the images on the bottom bag and my workmate put it into a design.
Please Note All designs are Copyrighted to SwanMill Paper Co. Please do not copy!

Scotland - St. Andrews

Last weekend Myself and my Boyfriend were invited up to St. Andrews, Scotland, for a wedding. We stayed in a lovely luxury B&B called Easter Kincaple. We were really fortunate to get a room to be honest as the RAF Leuchers Airshow was on the same weekend. The B&B was stunning, so I thought I'd post a few pictures up of our room and the surroundings.

I loved our room, It was Beautiful, the trim of the cushions and Headboard were made from the same fabric as the Curtains, And along with this lovely print of fruit was a light red check fabric, It just all complimented each other so well.
We had a day bed in our room too, and it was too comfortable! I didn't want to move of it the first day.
This is an image from the Bathroom, as you can see the colour scheme has continued throughout this room too. The mirror was the thing that caught my eye the most. The detail was very pretty indeed. I do have to admit I spent quite a lot of time in this bathroom, (having a bath, shower or just sitting in the chair provided reading a magazine). It was too beautiful to not make the most of it. The windows of the B&B were lovely too, they had wooden shutters on the inside and would fold open to let the light in.

I loved my stay at this Luxury B&B, and would highly recommend this place. If you'd like to take a look at the accommodation with a bit more detail then visit their website here

As I said earlier there was an Airshow taking place that weekend too, and I managed to get a few not so decent photographs, sorry.
It was really quite difficult to get a decent picture as the Planes were so fast, I couldn't catch them in time.

As I'd never been to St. Andrews before, we went for a little tour around the town, It's actually quite a pretty place, and if you didn't know already it's where Prince William and Kate met at university.
This was the entrance of the Medieval Cathedral that used to stand tall over St. Andrews. It was Constructed in the 12th Century and later reformed by the Protestants in 1560.
You can see just how grand this Cathedral was. The scale of land that it sat on is over 100 meters long.
This might sound quite unusual or sadistic but I actually like taking my time and walking around graveyards, I seem to find it very peaceful and thought provoking. I often wonder how these people lived their lives and make up little stories in my mind of the type of person they might have been or what they did for a living.
And of Course I had to take a photo of the well known Scottish Thistle. I found these ones in a hedge as I was walking away from the Cathedral. They were a bit worn down due to the weather but I still thought they were pretty.