Monday, 30 December 2013

Sometimes Life is unfair...But you just got to get on with it!

I feel embarrassed that I have left my blog without posts for so long! Since October a lot has happened and I've found it a struggle to get any time to do anything for myself and to be honest my blog didn't even come into my mind until a couple of days ago! I forgot about it!!!

I have had a rocky few months which I could not do anything to help, I had some personal things to deal with on top of my nan being taken into hospital, then my post got stolen which were valuable items, then on top of sorting that out I was supposed to visit family in Scotland, so off I trot and then when I come back my uncle is admitted to hospital. So 2 members of my very small family of 5 weren't with us, and we weren't even sure if they would be home for Christmas. I was sat by nans bedside every evening until they kicked me out. You see my nan is probably the closest person to me! She's not just my nan, shes a best friend of mine. She has lived with me since 1994, until I moved out in 2012. She had a nasty fall, which scared us all a LOT!! and being 93 years old I wasn't sure how well she'd cope with it. It turns out that she is doing well now and will hopefully be home soon but this year my priorities have changed and family is my main one, which is why I'm not on my blog that much right now. I hope you can bare with me for a while until I can get myself back on track. I'm not entirely sure why I have written this but sometimes I think others views can put your own into perspective. It's not that bad after all!

I do hope that you are having a lovely Christmas, hopefully spent with the ones you love most in life! Have a very happy new year, and speak to you soon! :)


Something I did a little earlier on in the year! Copyrighted to Leanne Carpentier. Please not copy!