Sunday, 15 September 2013

Thank You Cards

My boyfriend has an event called 'Appreciation week' in his workplace and this event basically puts on team building exercises and likes to Thank people for their efforts in work. They take part in fun activities and get to eat cake all day!!
I really like this idea, I think it's pretty cool to be rewarded and acknowledged for your hard work, It's a very good moral boost! So he came to me with some ideas of what to do and I offered to design and make some Thank you cards for his staff, he agreed this would be a nice idea and something a little more personal. So this is what I came up with...
In the end my boyfriend chose option 2. He wanted something suitable for all ages and this seemed a little more fun looking.
This is what the final outcome looked like...
Please note that all design work is copyrighted to Leanne Carpentier. Please do not copy!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

MINI - Not Normal

Ok so most of my close friends know that I am completely obsessed with MINI. I love MINI's. They are just the best!!! I think my obsession started when I was in high school (about 14years old) and I used to plaster my bedroom wall with brochures and images of my dream mini. Back then it was a Yellow Mini Cooper Sport with fog lamps and a checkered roof - I always thought it would be so cool to have a game of backgammon on the roof if ever you got stuck in a traffic jam - anyways, I grew up a little and then fancied a Burnt Orange Mini Cooper Sport. Little did I realise that One day I will get my Mini. That day was a Year ago today. And I have a gorgeous little blue Mini Cooper Convertible. I am in love!! Well and truly! So enough about my fascination, I wanted to feature some of the new mini campaign images on here as this campaign really is cool!

My little beauty!

Here are a few of my favourite images, enjoy!

Haha! Looks a bit like the one I wanted when I was 14! 
I should definitely try this sometime! 
Love this! Genius.
I will one day own a house like this! and I've always said if I win the lottery I am going to have my own little MINI museum!  

Please note that I do not own these images and all images belong to MINI.