Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cupcake Picks

Valentine's Day came around pretty quick this year or so I thought. A few weeks ago I emailed my mum's friend, Tabitha, (She is very good at making cakes!) asking her if she ever wanted any Cupcake Picks made for any occasions then to give me a call and I'll design some. Which is exactly what she did 2 weeks ago. So last week I was pretty busy, designing and making. Here are some images of the results...

All Packed and ready to go...

And the lovely Cakes Tabitha made were just gorgeous!

Photography Courtesy of Dave Purcell
Photography Courtesy of Dave Purcell

Designs Copyrighted to Leanne Carpentier

Saturday, 4 February 2012

More Birthday Goodies...

I decided to make some fabric bunting for little Maisie's bedroom, which could be hung either on the wall or around the cot.
Maisie's Birthday Bunting

I really enjoyed making this, as you could see it coming together literally piece by piece. I found some lovely fabrics from some local fabric shops and couldn't resist buying them for her.

Making this bunting did take me quite a while as it is double sided and all hand made. I had to draw around my template and cut each piece out by hand. There are 3 triangles in each piece as I have lined the middle of each triangle with some plain calico fabric. I've done this because I wanted it to be very durable and I also didn't want the print to show through on the other side. You don't have to line bunting though if you don't want to.

All in all my bunting measured around 2 meters, which is quite a lot. I made so much because my friend has really big rooms in her house and if she wanted to hang it up, it would be enough to cover the wall properly. Here are a few photos of the finished article...

Birthday Goodies

So lately I've been a bit busy getting some goodies ready for my friends baby's 1st birthday. I am not known for cooking as I'm really not very good at it, but I have made a goal for myself this year and that is to learn how to cook and how to bake.

For My friends child, Maisie, I thought I'd surprise them and make some little Vanilla Cupcakes. I did try them first before I gave them out, just to make sure they were safe to eat. Haha! I actually surprised myself, they tasted really good!! Maybe I am a born natural, I just never knew it. Anyway here's a few pictures of them. Please do excuse the presentation of them, I am a beginner don't forget. :)

Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter Icing

Mmmm Yummy...