Saturday, 11 August 2012

London 2012 Olympics

The Olympic Rings outside Cardiff City Hall
The Olympic Stadium at night
Friday 3rd August, I was lucky enough to go to the London 2012 Olympic games! Wow! I couldn't believe that I actually went. It was my boyfriends Birthday that day too, so it was extra special for him. We managed to get tickets to go to the Olympic Park and see the Handball event at the Copper Box. It was amazing. We haven't really heard of Handball before but apparently it's huge in Europe at the moment, so it was very exciting to go and see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately we didn't get to see Team GB play but we did get to see Spain (who I was supporting), Sweden, Norway and Denmark. All 4 teams were great, I'm not sure why I decided to support Spain, I think it was because I followed them on TV before I went to the actual game (A bit random I know!). This was our view of the games...
The Copper Box, Olympic Park
Inside the Copper Box
1st Match: Spain's penalty, who also won their match
2nd Match: Norway won

Our Handball session was in the evening, so we made sure to get to the Olympic Park with plenty of time beforehand. We wanted to absorb the atmosphere and have a good look around, although we did chose the busiest day to go as the track events had started that day as well as all the other events taking place.
The Olympic Stadium
The Velodrome
The Basketball Stadium
The BBC broadcasting studio (which I didn't expect to be built on top of Cargo Containers)
Chilling out at Park Live, watching the Rowing
The Aquatics centre

The following day, I was taken to the Football at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, to watch Team GB against South Korea. I'm not really into football, but I really did want to see the stadium as an Olympic Host (especially as I go so often for the Rugby!). To my delight it looked brilliant, and I really enjoyed the match, that was until it went to Penalties and we lost!

I think I'm going to find it quite strange when the Olympics finish. It has consumed my life for the last two weeks! I am looking forward to the closing ceremony and Bring on the Para Olympics! Good Luck Team GB!!