Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Leading up to Easter I was having a look for some nice Easter Cards, I've compiled a few of my favourite discoveries below..
I love the floral Bunny Ears, and the Tree card is brilliant. This would look nice as a centre piece for the dinner table.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Baby Shower Games - Free Downloads

I have included one of the Baby Shower Games I designed. These are free to Download if you wish to use them, just right click on the image and 'save image as' to your desktop. Please do not claim them to be your own and please do not edit them. Enjoy!
And if your wanting Pink for a girl, please see below.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Baby Showers

At the start of March a valued friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Riley. About 3 weeks before the birth, Myself and another good friend met up with mum to be, Stacey and decided that we would host a baby shower 2 weeks later. This seemed like a very short time frame to organise a baby shower, and stressed me out a little but we managed it and in all honesty I actually quite enjoyed sorting it out.

I decided that I would surprise Stacey and design a few games for the party so that it was unique to her. So I came up with some ideas such as Guess the Celebrity Baby, Pin the dummy on the baby and a Nursery rhyme guessing game and they seemed to go down really well.
We ended up buying a lot of the decorations as we just didn't have time to create those as well but in the future I would like to do this providing I have the time to do so.

This is what the room looked like...
The spread, We were only catering for a small party, so this was just enough.
We also scattered Handmade Tissue Pom Poms and Balloons around the flat.

I really enjoyed organising a party, I think I should do this more often. Good Luck to Stacey, Andrew and baby Riley! xox

Im Back!

I must admit, that I have been pretty poor with my blog over the past few months. I have had a lot going on and now I feel that I'm back on track with things and can pick up where I left off.

Everybody has these times where life just takes over and there really isn't anything you can do about it apart from just get on with it. I'm pleased to say that my nan has made a good recovery from her accident in late October last year, and since then she has had another birthday and mother's day thrown in too. So she knows just how special she is to us. xx