Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ooh la la! Sweet Paris!

I really should have posted this earlier but I haven't really had time to catch up with everything since I got back, so now I'm finally sorting it out. 
I loved my trip to Paris! I took my boyfriend for his birthday present and we celebrated his Birthday over there, which was really nice. We had a jam packed itinerary and made most of everyday (Although I was pretty exhausted after day 1!).

We decided to start the holiday by going to Disneyland, neither of us had been before so we were really excited to see what it was like. I honestly felt like the biggest kid! I loved every second although a word of advice for anyone deciding to go there - wear comfortable shoes!!! I had blisters on my feet just from walking around all day. Also take a bottle of water with you, it was boiling the day we went and I'm just glad that they had taps around the park to fill my bottle up, to stop me from passing out!

Obviously myself and my boyfriend were attracted to the big rides first, so this is what we did. We found out when we were there that you can 'fastpass' rides, which I found to be worth it. Basically this means you can scan your park ticket at the ride and get a token/ticket to use at a specific time. This then allows you to go and wander the park, get food etc. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but make sure you don't double book times as you will still have to queue but it wont be as long (it's basically like a queue jump). 
These are a few photos of Disneyland Paris.

Our second day in Paris, we decided to go to the Sacre Coeur, which was lovely but beware of the men trying to sell you things at the entrance gates. We also went to the Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, and to Jardin du Luxembourg. My favourite part about that day was most definitely going to Jardin du Luxembourg and eating some tarts from an amazing Patisserie called Dalloyau. Oh my Gosh! They were Divine, the best strawberry Tart I have ever tasted (and I've had a few! - Slightly obsessed with Strawberry Tarts) and the Boyfriend tried a cherry one. It was such a lovely afternoon, the sun was shining bright, it was lovely and warm and you could see the Eiffel Tower in the Distance from where we were sat, It was a really nice chill spot. 
Day 3, was the Boyfriends Birthday. So we went to the Eiffel Tower in the morning and spent the day walking around the Saint Germain area. We did quite a bit that day, we wandered around the Military museum, went to Place de la Concorde, walked the Champs Elysee (which is where we were staying) and then did the Arc de Triomphe in the night after food. I really enjoyed this day as I felt a little less like a tourist and actually absorbed the culture in more. When we were looking for a nice restaurant to eat in, it was so strangely quiet, quite eerie in fact, not that many people were around in the back streets, this was because it was that time of year when the Parisians take a month off for their holidays. It was quite difficult to find a french restaurant open, but we managed to find one eventually, and to be honest it was a lovely meal.
Our last full day in Paris was a bit of a let down as we had planned to do all the museums this day, but when we got there the queues were out of this world. I mean seriously a 3/4 hour wait for the Lourve! I thought that there was more I wanted to see and worth spending my time on. So unfortunately we didn't end up going into the Lourve, but that's something we can do next time, Same goes for the Musee D'Orsay and Les Catacombes. So instead we went for a drink and thought up our next plan, which was to walk around and enjoy the City! We went back to the Eiffel Tower and found the Liberty Statue, We also saw the Joan of Ark statue, and went to see what their financial district was like - Massive!
The Boyfriend now has it in his mind that he would like to move here and live a happy life, I'm not so sure at the moment but it maybe a possibility in the future! We'll just have to wait and see.

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