Saturday, 30 June 2012

New Designers 2012 Part 1

Yesterday I went to the New Designers show in Islington, London. My honest opinion of the show was that it lacked something that the past shows had. I cannot put my finger on it but I wasn't as awe struck as I usually am. Neither the less I still found some amazing talent. Here are some of a few designers that really caught my eye...
Emily Shepherd

When I saw Emily's work, I just had to look closer. It really stood out from the croud. The concept of her designs had a real sense of interactivity. Her wallpapers I would say are mainly aimed for children, as they can explore the texture and colour of each design. These wallpapers are interactive so you can draw on them, write stories and stick magnets to them to hold things in place.
Images Copyrighted to Emily Shepherd
Images Copyrighted to Emily Shepherd
Images Copyrighted to Emily Shepherd

If you would like to see more of Emily's work then please click here. Please Note that all the images above are copyrighted to and should not be copied in any way.

Leanne Miles

I had the pleasure to meet Leanne and talk to her about her collection. I really liked it. It had something about it that made me want it! Her collection is so feminine and fresh. Her intended use for the designs are to go onto Gift Wrap, but somehow my mind says that the designs would also look really good on soft furnishing products.
'A little Birdie Told me'
Images copyrighted to Leanne Miles

The Next two images are my favourites from Leanne's Collection...
Images Copyrighted to Leanne Miles
Images Copyrighted to Leanne Miles

If you would like to see more of Leanne's work then please click here. The above three images are copyrighted to Leanne Miles and should not be copied in any way.

At the show, I instantly recognised Katies work from Print & Pattern blog. Katie was featured about 2 weeks ago. I was lucky enough to meet Katie and she was lovely. Her work was beautiful up close. Katie offers a range of beautiful designs, with a lot of time and effort gone into the thought process. Here are few of my favourites.
Images Copyrighted to Katie Rowley
Images Copyrighted to Katie Rowley
Images Copyrighted to Katie Rowley
This image was featured in Selvedge magazine, It was wonderful to look at up close. A stunning design based on her experience at Staffordshire University.

If you would like to see more of Katie's work then please click here. The above three images are copyrighted to Katie Rowley and should not be copied in any way.

Lisa's designs are aimed at the childrens market, The collection I saw was very quirky and uplifting. I loved it, I thought that I'd seen it somewhere before and I was right, Lisa was also featured on Print & Pattern Blog a few weeks ago. She has a very distinctive style which I admire.

Images Copyrighted to Lisa Martin
Images Copyrighted to Lisa Martin
Images Copyrighted to Lisa Martin
Images Copyrighted to Lisa Martin

If you would like to see more of Lisa's work then please click here. The above four images are copyrighted to Lisa Martin and should not be copied in any way.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Designers 2012

I'm really excited, as Tomorrow I am going to see this years New Designers show. I love going to New Designers as it gives me a lot of inspiration, and an insight into what's out there. Obviously I go to see the textiles part. Hopefully I will come back to report some new finds and be inspired to work on some more personal designs.

New Primark Notelets

I'm happy to say that I have some more designs in Primark Stores nationwide. This time it's a pack of 4 notelet cards. I was asked to design something that was similar to a clothing product they had in store last year which was the bottom card in the pack, I quite enjoyed designing these cards as they are very girly. I especially liked making the Union Jack flag look a little more interesting.

Visuals I've done for SwanMill Paper Co. and Primark.

The Final Product

Please Note All designs are Copyrighted to SwanMill Paper Co. Please do not copy.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes

I was in a baking mood last Friday, and as my mum and nan were coming over to the apartment that weekend, I thought I'd make some fresh Strawberry Cupcakes with a White Chocolate and Vanilla butter cream icing.

mmm yummy...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012 Competition 2012

This week I entered a competition on to design a card for the 'Joy to the world' Holiday Photo Card competition. The top prize is to win $7000 and my Photo Card will go into production for you to buy. Pretty awesome right? So here is my entry...

'Happy Holiday Tweetings' Copyright to LCarpentier and

If you have a account, then please vote for me and leave me a comment with your suggestions/feedback. Click on the link in the sidebar on the right to go there or click here. Thanks!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Queens Diamond Jubilee 2012

Last weekend we saw the Queens Diamond Jubilee. What a magnificent event! The whole 4 days were a celebration on a grand scale. Saturday was the excitement of leading up to the celebrations with street parties, Sunday saw the flotilla down the River Thames, Monday we had the extravagant Jubilee concert and Tuesday was the actual Jubilee. In honour of this occasion I wanted to celebrate myself but as we couldn't have a jubilee party I decided I would just make some cakes and have a quiet celebration between myself and my boyfriend. We ate cakes and drank wine, we also danced around the living room (like loons) to the concert! It was great fun!
So here are a few pictures of my cake making. (I think I'm improving!!)

I wanted to try something different, and I saw something like this on the Internet so I gave it a go. It didn't turn out quite as I hoped. The star in the middle was supposed to be red (with the Jubilee and all) but turned out a little orange. I still think it looks good though so I was happy with the result.

Hope everyone had a Fabulous Jubilee weekend!! Happy Celebrations!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

New Home

It's Finally happened. I have moved away from mother nest! It's been on the cards for a while now and the time has finally come.

Everything seems to happen at the same time though. Just before the move my computer screen broke, so I haven't been able to blog for a while, so much has happened since then. A month later I finally have my Computer back working fine! YAY!! So time for a catch up...

My new home...
The move was actually really smooth, My boyfriends friend Tom helped us move, so Thanks Tom! With the two boys it only took about 2 hours to move everything and then we cracked on in the flat. First by painting the bedroom as it had a little damp in it but we've fixed that now.
My old bedroom
Packing the Van
Our New Bedroom, all painted and ready to live in
Our Kitchen, cleaned out and rearranged
I also persuaded my boyfriend to turn the spare room into a study/studio for myself, which I love. I love having my own space to be creative.
It's a little messy at the moment but with time I will find homes for things.

Travel - Cardiff

Continuing with my 'Must See' in Cardiff, My next Attraction is pretty Obvious...

Must see No.2: Cardiff Castle

The Castle holds over 2000 years of history and is one of few Castles to be located in the Heart of a City, Cardiff Castle was designed and built by Architect William Burges, who lavishly designed the amazing interiors. 
This Image is the Ceiling of the Arab Room located in Cardiff castle. Image courtesy of

The Castle was given to Cardiff by the 4th Marquess of Bute, and with it came the Gardens that surround the castle, otherwise known as Bute Gardens (Which are lovely in the summer). In the last 25 years or so the Castle grounds have become a home for the College of Music and Drama. Every summer time the Castle hosts an Outdoor play and this year the play will be Macbeth. You can catch this on the 6th-7th July. For more information about this please see the link below.
An Aeriel view of Cardiff Castle and it's grounds. Image courtesy of

If you do visit Cardiff Castle be sure to look out for the Peacocks! No doubt you'll see one or two.
If you would like to see what events are on in the Castle please visit this link

Must See No.3: St Fagans

St Fagans is an open air Natural History Museum. It stands in the grounds of St Fagans Castle which was a late 16th century manor house owned by the Earl of Plymouth and donated to the people of Wales. I love St Fagans and often go here for an afternoon out.
St Fagans Castle, Image courtesy of

Traditional Crafts and activities are often taking places here, it is a lively fun environment. St Fagans also has different breeds of animals running around the fields, and Farmers demonstrations, which is great for the children. I highly recommend visiting St Fagans whatever age you are, it caters for everyone. To find out more information please visit this link