Sunday, 22 May 2011

Storm Interiors

I am very excited at this present time! I have just come across a blog post from Storm Interiors and I was extremely shocked to see that my work is featured in it! I was so excited to see this that obviously I ran out to get my mum and dad and ranted on about it! I would just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the blog writers at Storm Interiors for mentioning me and my work! Thank You!! (scroll down to May 13th 2011)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Surtex 2011

After posting my New York Blog, Im beginning to wish I was still there, There is an event I really want to be at right now! Surtex, and it's situated in New york. It's on from the 15th-17th May, so go if you can! If you get there please tell me what it was like, I'd love to hear about it!   

Anna Roberts-Knight
I discovered a designer not so long ago who is exhibiting there, Anna Roberts-Knight. Here are some of her images! Please check out her website as some of the things on there are really inspiring!

Anna will be exhibiting under the name of Milkprint, as this is the Agency she works for!

Linda Wood
Another designer I'd love to see is Linda Wood. I absolutely love her work! This image in particular. Again please check out her website, theres lots more images for you to adore, with a diverse range from Photography, painting and design work.

Here are some more inspiring links for people exhibiting at surtex 2011: -This website hosts a few designers/Artists, I really like Lisa Congdon, Helen Dardik and Greg Morgan

New York! New york!!

My gosh, it's been a while since I last posted, I've been really busy with settling into a day job and revolving everything else around it! Who knew a 9-5 could be so tiring. Well I think I'm getting the hang of it now, (9 months in lol). Well anyways during the time I have been away, I discovered the amazing land of New York! After years of wishing to go there I finally got the chance to, in November of last year! You're probably thinking why the hell it's taken so long to get this post up and im wondering the same thing too!

Heres some of the pictures I took whilst being there...

I went to the Madame Tussaudes New York, and met Mr Elton John and the legendary Michael Jackson, who I love! (I wish I met them in real life!!) And I also became a spice girl for a day!

I have fallen in love with New York! It is by far the BEST city I have ever been too, and I hope to go back plenty more times in the Future!!

Of course, I had to get a photo taken with a police man! The scariest thing I had to get my head around is that they really do carry guns on them! Crazy!!

As I was making my way to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade I came across the Fashion Center. I loved this statue in the square.

On to the Parade it self! Now im not going to put up many photos of this as i took hundreds, quite literally! I think I came home from New York with just over 1000 photos! I think I went a bit mad! lol.

Here is Kerry Hilson! I love her music and was so amazed that she was on a float! Brilliant! I also managed to see Mr Kayne West, Jessica Simpson and Gladys Knight.

Myself and my mum enjoying the show! Surrounded by crowds and crowds of people, everyone was so friendly!

The New York Skyline from the top of the Empire State Building was stunning. Below is a birds eye view of Macy's with their tree lit up. Macy's is magical at Christmas as they have little scenes from a chosen story displayed in each window. I've never seen something so wonderful! If you think that Harrods in London has nice chirstmas window displays, you deffinately have to see Macy's Windows. It puts the Magic back into Christmas! Truely wonderful.

Here are some more Skyline shots, of New Jersey and Downtown Manhatten.

This is from inside the Empire State Building.

The next day we did some more exploring and came across Times Square and we made it onto the big screen! YAY!!! It was really cool. 
My mum and myself decided to treat ourselves and go to a Broadway show. I always wanted to see The Lion King in the theatre after seeing an exhibition in London. The exhibition showed some clips of the theatre production and some of the costumes were on show. The costumes were AMAZING! and this was the inspiration to go see this show. Boy was this show good. It was so spectatcular I was gobsmacked and so overwhelmed when it finished that I actually cried.  

We then hit the shops! My mum wanted to take me to the Van Cleef and Arpels store as unknowingly to me she bought me the perfume for christmas. The jewellery in there was outstanding. Im still hoping one day that someone may buy me something from there, in my dreams! 

This is the thing i'm going to make the next time I go to New York, my very own wotnot muppet, at FAO Schwarz.

And of course the wonderful Tiffany & Co was visited. WOW! is all I can say.

The Coca-Cola premises was unfortunately closed to the public but I couldn't help myself taking a photo of the insides. I love Coca-Cola at Christmas, it's the done thing.

This was the View we had from our Hotel, The New Yorker.

A friend I made, He was so tame and cute.

These two images were from the site of Ground Zero. Such an overwhelmingly sad place. I cannot believe that it has been almost 10 years since the World Trade centre collapsed. Truely devastating, my heart goes out to anyone and everyone who had a loved one involved with this tragic day!

The image above is some of the remains left from the World Trade centre found at the site now known as Ground Zero. This sculpture would have been located in the Plaza of one of the buildings and still remains strong. This sculpture was a symbol of World peace ironically, but now stands tall to give hope and translates the indistructable spirit of this amazing country.

Of course I would have to put a photo of the Lady herself, The Statue of Liberty. I was so lucky to get this photo head on.

Ellis Island. I deffinately recommend going to The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island if you are going to visit New York, the information I learnt about these places and the Country of America was invaluable. I would recommend getting the head phone set as you value the experience so much more!!

Ferrero Rocher!!!!! Oh My Gosh! I love Ferrero Rocher and was so excited when I saw this window display, I just had to get a photo with it.

I also had the chance to Visit the Guggenheim Museum. What an amazing looking building, the architecture is brilliant from inside as well as outside.

And we left in style too. This was our car to take us to the Newark airport. Reminded me of Mr. Big, from Sex and The City. Which is why I have a picture. I Love it!

I cannot wait for the day that I go back to New York.