Sunday, 23 November 2014

Exciting News

Well this is exciting! I have set up my own Brand. It's still very much in its early days, but everyone has to start somewhere. My new venture is called 'The Blue Martin Studio'. It is a design portfolio for textiles and stationery and hopefully I will be adding new collections each season.

I needed to do this for myself, I wanted to build a portfolio of my own and have a web presence, although I am still in my full time job as a creative designer for a design company, I wanted to branch out and start something up for myself. It's going very slow at the moment as it is early days. I am trying to put as much spare time as I have into it which means evenings and weekends!!! (no social life for me anymore!...but it will be worth it!)

If you would like to support and see what my new, exciting and very scary next step is all about, then please check out my website here.

I'd be really interested to know your thoughts so please feel free to leave comments either below or on my website. Thanks guys!!

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